AGRETO weighing platform 0,8x2m hot dip galvanized

AGRETO weighing platform 0,8x2m hot dip galvanized

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Product.Nr.: AGW0620

Hot-dip galvanized platform scale

The AGRETO platform scale is a robust and durable universal scale for all weighing applications up to 2000 kg thanks to the hot-dip galvanized platform.

Ideal platform size for universal use on farms

The galvanized platform with 1 x 2.5 m is not only suitable for pallets, boxes and containers, but also ideal for large animals such as cattle or horses.

Waterproof and suitable for stable climate

The weighing technology is completely dustproof and waterproof according to protection class IP68 (suitable for up to 1 m under water) and therefore suitable for all outdoor applications, in stables and wet rooms.

High accuracy

Load cell accuracy is +/- 0.02%. Weighing indicator resolution is set at 0.5 kg.

Can be combined with any weighing indicator

The platform can be combined with any weighing indicator, also devices for dosing or control.
Delivery contents:
• Weighing platform with mounted weighing technology
• 6 m connecting cable from platform to weighing indicator
• User manual
Weighing platform:
• Platform dimensions: 0,8 x 2 m
• Edged tear plate with reinforceing elements
• 4 height-adjustable legs with compensating balls
• Total height: 120 up to 140 mm
• Connection box made of stainless steel
• 4 high-resolution shear force load cells
• Dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP68
• 1000 kg nominal load per load cell
• 120% safe overload, 150% breaking load
• 3 mV/V characteristic value
• +/- 0.02% accuracy
• Operating temperature: -35 up to +70 °C
Can the AGRETO weighing platform be used in outdoor areas?
Yes, the AGRETO platform scale is designed for demanding applications, of course also outdoors or in damp areas.
Can the AGRETO weighing platform be used to weigh animals?
Yes, the platform has a non-slip surface of teardrop. For animal weighing, the use of the weighing indicator AGRETO HD1 is recommended, which lets you read weights, even when animals are restless.
How accurate is the AGRETO weighing platform?
The AGRETO platform scale contains high resolution shear force load cells with an accuracy of +/- 0.02%. The weighing indicator's resolution should be set to 0.5 kg. This resolution can be set to 0.2 kg for special applications in the lower weight range.
Is the AGRETO weighing platform calibratable?
Although the scale and indicator fulfil the requirements for a calibration, the scale does not come in a calibrated version. This means it cannot be used for legal transactions. Calibrated platform scales are available on request.
Can the AGRETO weighing platform perform control tasks?
For controlling filling or other operations the HD1 weighing indicator must be replaced by an indicator with specific features. Please, contact us when required.
Any more questions?
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