low cost alternatives to the weighbridge

Welcome to AGRETO –
Moisture and Weight is our business

A Hay or Straw Bale, a sample of Wheat, Barley or OSR, we not only have the machines to tell you the moisture we have the apparatus to weigh it - on a trailer, in a forklift bucket or in a bag.

We have a comprehensive range of robust and accurate moisture meters, where quality, accuracy and consistency is of the prime importance.

Easy to use hand held bale probes in lengths to suit most situations, on-board moisture meters for balers, hand held grain moisture meters – ideal for combine or store.

Weigh scales to suit many applications, whether it is for farm or industrial use our products are built to withstand the toughest environments.

Weigh frames to fit on the 3 point linkage, combined with area meters enables correct seed and fertiliser rates to be obtained. Load cells within the hydraulic system of a loader not only prevent overfilling of seed drills and fertiliser spreaders, but are ideal in builders yards and quarries when loading sand & gravel – there is always that ‘extra bit’ that is added to ‘make sure’ especially when the loaded vehicle is not going over a weighbridge.

We also have a comprehensive range of stainless steel load cells, ideal for the harsh environment of livestock enterprises, whether they are ‘beams’ or individual kits for your own fabrication – we have the solution. Other products include weigh cells for fitting under the legs of feed silos, see at a glance what feed is left in the bin – no more climbing ladders or guesswork.

For on the move vehicle weighing, we offer complete ‘certifiable’ drive-over axle weighers or kits with full instruction and back-up to ‘build your own’.

We pride ourselves in the quality of design and manufacture of our products and strive to maintain this level of commitment throughout our company, to this end we have fully trained technicians experienced in all aspects of our products at the end of a phone to guide you through any process required.